pharmaceutical company india: based in Punjab offer product range Injections, Eyedrops, Dental products , Powder Injections , Liquid Syrups and lotions, Ointments. Its one of best pharmaceutical companies india

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Welcome to BIOMEDICA (Pharmaceutical Company India)

BIOMEDICA Came into being in July 1962 with the principle resolution to cater quality medicines to the ailing humanity at affordable prices & Quality, Since then has become the most important area where Biomedica firmly refused to compromise. To put a seal of "Quality Assurance" on each and every brand, Biomedica has invested in new technologies and latest automatic equipments to incorporate the latest developments in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Biomedica has a state-of art integrated manufacturing plant. It comprises of the latest manufacturing equipment, instruments and cost effective processes fully complaince with current GMP requirements. Manufacturing processes are compliance with US Federal Standards, and all the processes are validated under the supervision of technically competent personnel.

BIOMEDICA has expanded its activities and initiated Indian and Overseas markets. It has launched and developed number of brands in latest Antibiotics, Analgesic, Steriod, Anti - inflammatory in branded ranges in Eye & Ear drops, Eye & Skin creams,Sterile dry & liq.Injections, Lotions and oral syrups in very wide range for human & Vety. use.

BIOMEDICA while thrives to reach to its new world - wide customers with more and more brands of medicines,it continues to concentrate more on quality of its products.Mrs. Simerjit Kaur Gill (B.Pharm) one of the promoters of the group has a very rich experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The promoters are backed by a team of professionals with expertise in the field of quality control and are ready to face any challenges. Mr.P.S.Gill, the other promoter organizes Commercial Administration, Finance and Personnel. He is most pragmatic and decision-making.

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